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Household Moving companies in Colombia

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If there are any household moving companies in Colombia who have representatives who review this board, please contact me with an email that includes your company's moving services. I have the need to move from Bogota to Cali, Colombia. I am planning to complete this move within the coming month, so if you can send your company's information to me as soon as possible that will be appreciated.

My furnishings are typical of what one would find in most any 4 bedroom house. I have 4 bedroom suites, and a large living room set. I also have a dining room set that includes one fairly large dining table that is made from oak. Yes, it is quite heavy. I will also have the need for many boxes so I can pack all of these smaller items. Does your company provide the boxes and other packing supplies? If so, then how much do you charge for those packing supplies? Also, how much do you estimate you will charge me to complete this move?

I look forward to reviewing your information packet that you send to my email account. Thank you.

Country: Colombia

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