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House moving companies in Venezuela

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I am looking for moving in Venezuela to quote on moving all my house hold furniture and goods.

I am currently based in Maracaibo and am planning to move early next year to Caracas. I would like to do a total move and require quotes on moving the following for me. One queen sized be, two double beds and one single bed. There is one full head board with bed side tables attached, then there is five loose bed side tables. Two bed chests, one large chest of drawers and a dresser. There is two medium sized desks with chairs and eight bookshelves in total. One large lounge sweet with two small coffee tables and one large one. A dining room table with eight chairs as well as a serving buffet. From the kitchen there is a double door fridge combo, a dishwasher, a washing machine and a large microwave. I have a garden shed about 3m x 3m in size that is packed full, all of its contents must be moved. I estimate no less than thirty five average sized moving boxes would be needed.

Please get in touch as soon as possible.

Country: Venezuela

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