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Office moving companies in Haiti

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Our accounting company is moving office; we require the services of a professional office moving company.

We are based in Port au Prince and we are moving to offices about fifteen kilometers from our current location. Items to be moved include; four large reception style desks, twenty five normal office desks and two large solid wood desks with thirty one office chairs. There is a large board room table with eighteen chairs that must be moved also. Both the normal office desks and board room table are of the fold up type and the moving company should take care of that. We would like to move twenty large filing cabinets one large copier and two sofas. We also have a small kitchen with a fridge, a microwave and a big coffee machine that must be moved. In addition to this our server which is the size of four standard fridges must be moved. This will take great care and only companies with references and experience in moving such a delicate item will be considered. There is also a few paintings and about twenty plastic crates of 500 x 700 x 400.

Please get in touch urgently!

Company: Accounting coumpany

Country: Haiti

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