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Houeshold Moving companies in Malta

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I want to move from Victoria to Mosta, Malta. Are there any household moving companies in Malta who can complete this move for me? If so, can you reply with answers to my questions? I am certain you may have a standard information packet that you send that addresses most of my questions. And if you do, then I will accept that as your answers.

My basic one bedroom dwelling must be packed and otherwise properly prepared for this move. Does your company provide any sort of packing services? If you do, then how much would that cost? If I choose to pack my belongings by myself, could you provide the packing materials I would need to do this? Can you estimate how much you will charge me to complete this brief but inter-island move? How will you move my belongings from one island to the other?

I do appreciate your sending me this info. I want to have this move completed within the next couple of weeks, if at all possible. So if you can go ahead and send this to me as soon as possible, that would be better. Thanks.

Country: Malta

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