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Household Moving companies in Malaysia

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Hello. I want to move from Dungun to Kuala Lumpur, so I am here to ask for information from household moving companies in Malaysia who can complete this move for me. I am moving to both be nearer to my aging parents as well as for the increased job opportunities.

The home I am moving away from is a two bedroom house. And I will be moving into a two bedroom apartment since that is the nearest to my parents that I could find on such short notice. How much can you estimate that you will charge me to move? Could you have this move completed by the middle of next month? Do you provide the packing materials I will need to properly pack my belongings? How much do you charge for this? Would you mind sending me this information to my email address? I think that would be the fastest way for me to receive it.

I am certain there are other questions that I will have. Do you mind if I contact your company directly after I receive this info? Thank you so much.

Country: Malaysia

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