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Self Storage company in Paraguay

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I need to establish contact with a self storage company in Paraguay who has sufficient storage available for rent or lease. The company that employs me, has the need to store some of their equipment for the next several months. Therefore, it is important that your storage company accept commercial accounts and storage.

I would like to review your storage area before we begin our rent. Is there someone who is available at your storage facility during normal business hours? Or must we setup an appointment? Do you have a gate that secures the storage areas? Will we be provided with a key or an access code? What are the hours that we can have access to the storage area? Also, is your storage facility secured and protected from thieves and vandals? Is it also protected from fires and floods? Do you carry insurance that will protect our property while it is stored at your company? I will appreciate your prompt response to my questions as we need to locate a suitable storage area within the next few days.

Name: Tony Quinton

Company: Bonjoylia

Country: Paraguay

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