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Furniture Moving companies in Oman

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I want to ask if there are any furniture moving companies in Oman that can move my furniture from Suhar to Muscat. If so, how soon can you start this move? The furniture that must be moved belongs to my brother. He recently relocated to Muscat and had to leave some of his furniture behind until he made some room in his new home. He is now ready to receive the remainder of his furnishings which is why I have posted my request for information.

If I hire you for this job, can you have his furniture delivered by the end of this week? How much will you charge to move this furniture? Will you provide me with your word that you will deliver this furniture undamaged? If you do not, then will you offer proper payment for the damages? If you do not mind, would you send this information to my email address? I will receive it better that way. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions.

Country: Oman

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