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Household Moving companies in Liechtenstein

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Hello everyone. I seek information from household moving companies in Liechtenstein who can move my belongings from Vaduz to Mauren, Liechtenstein. I have some fairly basic questions to ask. How much do you charge to move this distance? How should my possessions be packed? Does your company provide packing services? Do you supply packing materials or can you at least suggest where I can obtain those packing materials? How do you protect against any damages that may occur during the move? You know. The basic questions that I am certain you are asked frequently.

I anticipate that you have an information kit that includes the answers to these and perhaps many other questions that movers may either ask you or may otherwise need to know. If you would be so kind as to email your information kit to my personal email address that I have included here, I would appreciate it.

Oh, and how long would you project it would take to move the furnishings of my two bedroom apartment between Vaduz and Mauren? Thank you in advance for sending this information.

Name: Bonn Johanson

Country: Liechtenstein

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