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Household Moving companies in Guinea

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I need to ask for information from household moving companies in Guinea who can move me from Sierra Leone next month. If you can do this, please send me an email that includes your up-to-date information. I am moving from a simple dwelling and is essentially a one room house that serves the functions of every other room.

With that being said, I do have many possessions that I must pack and prepare for this move. Does your company have boxes and other packing supplies that I may use? What are your charges for this? Since I am planning this move for the middle of next month, how much notice do you require before then so you can adjust your schedule? Have you an idea as to how much you will charge me for this move? I do have an email address that I check quite often. Will you please send your moving information to that email address? This way I will know it has come. Thank you for your efforts in responding to my questions.

Name: Paul Shelen

Country: Guinea

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