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Household Moving companies in Macedonia

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Are there any household moving companies in Macedonia who can move my household furnishings and other items from my current home in Skopje to my new home in Tetovo, Macedonia? If you can fit this into your schedule, I would like to have this move completed within the next couple of weeks. Is that too much to ask of your company?

My furnishings include those typical of most any three bedroom house. Each bedroom has its own bedroom suite. One of them has a king-sized bed. Does your company have the equipment to move a bed that is this large? I also have a very heavy dining room table that is made entirely of oak. It does not break down into more than one piece, so it must be moved as it is. Can you do this? I also have a large sofa in my living room that is about 2700 mm. Will that be a problem for you to move?

Thank you for reading my brief inquiry. Please send this information to my email address. And please include a way for me to call you direct too.

Name: Bartela Sheltotnak

Country: Macedonia

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