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Household Moving companies in Guam (US)

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I am planning to move next month so I need information from household moving companies in Guam (US) if there are any available. The move will begin at Lupog and end at Agat. I hope that helps to give you an idea as to the scope of this move. My current dwelling consists of two bedrooms, but only one of them has a bedroom suite. The other bedroom is essentially a storage area. However, I need boxes so I can pack many of the items that are stored there, so if your company can provide boxes and any other packing material, I can use it. How much will you charge for the boxes and packing materials?

I also have some large patio furniture. Fortunately, most of it disassembles easily. Yet, it is still bulky though. Can you send an email with this information and include your estimates as to how much this will cost? Can you also estimate how long it will take to complete this move? Thanks for your prompt email.

Name: Justin Barth

Country: Guam (US)

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