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Household Moving companies in Uruguay

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I am seeking information from household moving companies in Uruguay who can move my furnishings from Melo to Montevideo, Uruguay. If all goes according to plan, I hope to have this move completed by the middle of next month. Will your company be able to work within my anticipated schedule? How soon can your company begin working with me on this move?

I really do not have that many possessions. I currently live in a one bedroom apartment, and I am moving into another one bedroom apartment. I do have a queen sized bed and a couple of chests in my bedroom. My living room has a sofa and a couple of tables plus a chair. However, I do have quite a lot of loose items that I must pack. Does your company provide the boxes and packing supplies? Do you charge extra for the boxes and packing supplies? What is your estimate cost to me for this household move?

Name: Roberto Salizar

Country: Uruguay

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