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Household Moving companies in Costa Rica

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I must move from San Jose to Canas, Costa Rica next month. Therefore, I need information about household moving companies in Costa Rica who can complete this move during that time. Can your company also do this efficiently and with low cost to me?

I am moving from a two bedroom apartment. I have only one bedroom suite, and the other bedroom is used as a storage room. However, I must request many boxes as I have a lot of loose items that are lying around, especially in the spare bedroom. Does your company provide boxes and packing materials? If so, how much extra do you charge for that, or is it included in the overall cost of the move? How soon can your company start to work on this move? Is there anyone I can speak with directly before we schedule this move? There are a few other things that I would like to ask about first.

Thanks for sending me this moving information.

Name: Roberto Rodriquez

Country: Costa Rica

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