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Moving companies for hand-made furniture in Bolivia

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I am hoping to receive a number of price quotes from moving companies in Bolivia who can help me transport some of my hand-made goods to Brazil. It's not a far way to go, but I do not have the means to move these items myself and I am looking for the best offer from a local mover.

I am a woodworker who makes custom, hand-made furniture for clients across South America and sometimes in the U.S.A. I currently have a number of customers residing in Brazil who have ordered furniture pieces from me and I need these items delivered within the next month or so. These pieces can be fragile and require safe transportation to their destinations. I am also looking for a company who is well insured and can cover the cost of any damage that might occur on the road.

Some of the pieces that I need delivered are rocking chairs, a large cabinet, bed frames, tables, a chest and one carving that stands approximately four feet tall. Please provide your best price quote and an estimated time frame for completing these deliveries. Thank you.

Name: Marcus Medeiros

Country: Bolivia

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