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Good day, mates! It is time for me to make a change in my life. I want to be nearer my family, so I am moving from my home of the past 15 years. I have posted here as an inquiry for information about moving companies to Adelaide. If your company engages in this activity, please contact me as soon as possible.

I currently reside in a three bedroom house. Each of these bedrooms has a complete bedroom suite, so there will be some bulky items for you to move. Another bulky item to move sits in my living room in the form of a large, sectional sofa that when fully assembled extends between two walls. There are also 5 different sized tables in the living room, and each of them made of glass. I anticipate these tables will require additional padding to protect them from breakage during the move. Do you provide the extra padding and any other packing supplies that are necessary for the move? Or must I acquire them from a different source?

I am certain there are many topics that I have not included in this brief space that we should discuss before the move. Please include a direct contact with any information you send. Thanks.

Name: Barry Gentry

Country: Australia

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