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During the course of the next couple of weeks, I will be completing my plans to move. This move will begin in Sydney, and the reason I have posted here is to ask for information about moving companies to Brisbane. Can you help me plan for and complete this move as soon as possible? I would prefer to have this move completed within the next month. Can your company meet this scheduling expectation?

I am moving from a two bedroom apartment here in Sydney. Yet, there is only one of the bedrooms that has a full bedroom suite. The spare bedroom is without furnishings as its primary purpose has been for storage. Although there are several boxes in that room, there are also many items that must be packed. Does your company include any boxes and packing materials that I will need to prepare for this move? If so, how much extra will that cost?

When you send your information, please include an estimate as to how much you will charge for a move of this distance. Please also include how soon you can begin working on this move too. Thanks.

Name: Bonnie Guinn

Country: Australia

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