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Good day! I seek the services of any moving companies to Canberra who have the available resources to complete my move from Perth within the next month. How soon can your company begin making preparations for this move? If I need boxes and other packing supplies, can I obtain them from your company? Or must I get them from somewhere else?

There really is nothing extraordinary about any of my possessions I will move from my current 4 bedroom house. Indeed, there are 4 bedroom suites to disassemble and move. There is also a dining room set that has a couple of large components to it, such as the hutch for instance. Counting both ours and the children's, we have 7 computer systems to pack. Would you suggest a specific method to pack these electronics items in order to protect them from potential damage during the move? I am especially concerned about any static electricity that may develop. Do you offer any anti-static packing materials?

I am certain there is much for us to discuss, so please send me your telephone number when you send this information. Thanks.

Name: Harold Bidouin

Country: Australia

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