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Greetings and thank you for responding to my inquiry. I currently reside just outside of Essen, Germany, and am planning to move so I need information from moving companies to Melbourne, Australia. How much of an advance notice do you require before scheduling the actual moving day?

As I plan to move from my current two bedroom house, I am asking what do I need so this move will be completed as smoothly as possible? For instance, I have many loose items to pack. How many boxes should I have on hand? Does your company provide the boxes? Do you also provide the padding and other packing materials as well? How much do the boxes and the packing materials cost? Or are they included with the move? Do you have an estimate as to how long it will take to complete this move?

Obviously, the sooner I can begin this move, the sooner I can be moved into my new home in Melbourne. So please send your company's information as soon as possible. Thank you for sending this.

Name: Peter Klaus

Country: Australia

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