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A few years ago, I traveled the world extensively and I visited many places that I always enjoyed revisiting. However, I visited one location that took my heart and I vowed that I would some day return there to make it my home. Now is that time and I am posting here to ask for information from moving companies to Perth, Australia.

Since I am moving to Perth permanently, I must take all of my possessions with me. Therefore, I need your expert advice about how is the best methods to use to complete this move. For instance, how should I pack everything to protect it from damage during this long distance move? Will your company move my furnishings and other belongings my ocean going vessel, or will you ship it by air freight?

Although I am not pressed for time, I would like to complete this move within the next couple of months. I currently live just outside of London, United Kingdom (UK). How much time do you estimate it will take you to move from here to Perth? Thank you so much for responding to my inquiry.

Name: Kathy Perle

Country: Australia

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