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I am inquiring into whether there are any reliable moving companies to Sydney, who can move my possessions from Darwin, Australia. If there are, then please contact me and include your company's information and how soon you will be available for this move. Could you be available to begin this move by the middle of next month?

This move is due to a recent job offer. Since it is obviously too great a distance to commute, I will simply move. My current home is a two bedroom house that I have lived at for the past several years. Since I have been here for sometime, I have many items that need moved. Unfortunately, many of these items will require packing, so I must inquire if you can provide the packing materials and boxes. I have no idea how many I need, but I am estimating the need to be at least for 30 boxes. How much of an added cost would this be?

Please contact me directly with your company's information. Thanks.

Name: Mark Rhiordan

Country: Australia

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