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Toward the end of next month, I need to move from my current home in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Are there any moving companies to Montreal who can assist me with this move? Also, do you have an office that is local to Los Angeles? I am certain I would like to discuss some of the finer details about this move directly with someone with your company.

I currently reside in a two bedroom apartment. While there are two complete bedroom suites to disassemble and move, perhaps the biggest challenge will be in my living room. I have a large entertainment center. When I say large, I mean it fills the length of one of the walls which is about 12 ft wide. I will need enough boxes and packing materials to pack each of my electronic components of the stereo, and also the big screen television. Can your company provide these boxes and packing materials? Can you assure me this move will be completed with nothing being damaged? Thanks for sending me this information.

Name: Harry Rhyson

Country: Canada

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