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I am posting to ask if there are any moving companies to Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada who can assist me with this move. My move will begin from Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States. How soon can your company schedule a moving day? I would prefer to have this move completed by the middle of next month. Will that be an acceptable time frame for your scheduling?

Also, I have a lot of loose items such as books, toys, ornaments, and so forth that will require packing before the move. Do you provide the boxes and any other packing materials? How soon can you get them to me? Do you have a local office that can bring them to me, or perhaps that I can go pick them up? How much does the packing supplies cost?

When moving day comes around and everything is loaded onto your equipment, how long do you estimate it will take you to transport my possessions from Baltimore to Vancouver? Thanks for sending this information to the contact information I have provided here.

Name: Bobby Turner

Country: Canada

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