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I would like information from moving companies to Berlin, Germany. Please also include if your company can move between Paris, France, and Berlin, as that is the location that I am moving from. Is it possible that you can complete this move for me by the middle of next month? I am moving to accept a new job, and that is the time that my new employer desires me to be available.

My furnishings complete a two bedroom house that is located on the outskirts of Paris. Each of the bedroom is complete with bedroom furnishings that must be disassembled and carried out. There is also a couple of dressers, chests, and chairs as well. Of course, I will also need sufficient boxes to pack our clothing. Do you charge extra for the boxes? While I mention the boxes, do you also include any packing or padding materials that I may need to use in my boxes to secure some loose items and to protect breakable ones? What are your charges for that?

Please send your contact information along with your standard information as I am certain we will need to discuss the details of this move. Thank you for sending this.

Name: Marcus Francois

Country: Germany

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