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I am moving from my present home at Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States and I need to know if there are any moving companies to Bremen, Germany who can assist me with this. There is no rush to complete this, but I do want to have it completed within the next two months. Is this enough time for you to schedule my move?

This move is personal, as I am moving for both a new job and to be nearer to my fiancée. I am moving from a one bedroom apartment. I do have one queen sized bed to break down and move. I also have a chest, a dresser, a vanity stand, two chairs, and a stool. I will also need some boxes to pack my clothing and other personal items. Do you provide those boxes and maybe some packing supplies? How much extra do you charge for that?

If you will send me your moving information, that will help me to plan for this move. Could you also include some information about what I should expect from the customs officials? Thank you.

Name: Stephanie Burke

Country: Germany

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