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I am planning a move that I hope to complete by the end of next month. Are there any moving companies to Hamburg that can work with me on this? This move is not that lengthy, but it does involve crossing from Denmark over to Germany. Does your company have the resources to complete this move?

My current home includes the furnishings of a 4 bedroom house. I should add for your planning that only two of the bedrooms have furnishings. The other two bedrooms are mainly for storage. Also, if your company provides packing boxes and other packing supplies, I anticipate needing between 30 to 40 empty boxes. Thankfully, I have already packed several items. Does your company offer a packing service? If so, how much will you charge? Oh, and I nearly forgot to ask how much you charge for the additional boxes, so if you could provide that information I will appreciate it.

How soon can you begin work on this move, and when would you expect to complete it? I appreciate your responding to my inquiry and sending me this important information.

Name: Hans Von Wilhehoit

Country: Germany

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