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I hope I have posted in the correct forum. If not, please move this to its proper location. I seek information from moving companies to Munich who can complete my move. If you are available to begin this move within the next couple of weeks, that will work out perfectly.

My current dwelling is a two bedroom apartment. I suppose my furnishings are rather typical. Except that I only have one bedroom suite. The second bedroom is nearly empty. I do have a few pieces of antique furniture that I would like to have extra padding. Is that possible for you to do? Speaking of padding, does your company include padding for the boxes? And do you supply the boxes or must I acquire them from some other source? Do you charge extra for all of this padding and the boxes?

When do you expect you can complete this move? I am moving from Moscow, Russia, so the distance is not that great. Please send me your moving information to my email address that I have included here. Thank you.

Name: Sharon Volstoy

Country: Germany

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