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Hello and good day. I need information about moving companies to Amsterdam. If your company can complete this move from my current location of Perth, Australia, that will be great. How soon can I come in touch with one of your company's representatives who can not only respond to my questions, but who can also make sure that everything proceeds smoothly?

I am moving from my two bedroom apartment that is located near to downtown Perth. Although there are two bedrooms, there is only a bed and furnishings in one of them. The other bedroom is fairly empty. I do have a large fish aquarium in the living room that will have to be disassembled. No worries, as I will have the fish out of the tank before emptying the water. But it will need to be packaged carefully in order to protect it from being damaged during the move. Can your company guarantee that nothing will be damaged during this move?

I have included my direct contact information here in order to speed things up a bit. Thanks for responding to my inquiry.

Name: Jacob Walling

Country: Netherlands

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