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I wonder if I may be posting this in the proper part of the forum. I am planning to relocate from my current home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the United States. This move is expected to occur within the coming month. What I need is some information from moving companies to Rotterdam, The Netherlands. If there is anyone here who can help me with this, I will be grateful.

My present home is in the hills just outside the city limits. Although I do enjoy living here, I have been offered a new job by a company in Rotterdam that I simply cannot pass over. The two bedroom house that I currently reside, contains all of the furnishings that may be considered as typical for this size of home. I have two queen sized beds, and a large sofa that are my biggest furniture pieces to move. If you can offer plenty of boxes and assorted packing materials, I can pack my belongings.

Would you know how soon you can begin this move? I am anxious to begin, so if you can begin within the next couple of weeks that will be great. Thanks.

Name: Benjamin Gomez

Country: Netherlands

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