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Hello and thanks for reading my forum post. I need information about moving companies to The Hague, The Netherlands. I am moving from my current location at Johannesburg, South Africa. Although the plan is to complete this move by the middle of next month, I must inquire as to when your company will be available to complete this move.

Does your company use a regular moving truck and trailer, or do you use a container type trailer since this is such a great distance to move? Do you provide any storage boxes and perhaps some padding materials to include inside the boxes and my belongings? Would you have an estimate as to when you will have me moved into my new home at The Hague?

I would also like to review your cost estimates for this move as well. Could you provide that when you send me the rest of your information? Thanks a lot for sending this to me and I want to begin work on this move as soon as possible.

Name: Jacob Mentiel

Country: Netherlands

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