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I am finally in a position to fulfill my dream of moving to New Zealand. I have thought and dreamed of this ever since I traveled there a few years ago. My current home is just outside of Los Angeles, California, in the United States, and I need information from moving companies to Auckland who can help me complete this move. If you are this company, then please send your company's information packet to the email address I have included here as soon as possible.

How soon can you begin this move, and how long will it take you to complete? As you can probably notice, I am quite excited about this move and I want to complete it quickly. I will move from a two bedroom apartment. My apartment is on the third floor, so this will require a little work to carry my furnishings down the staircase. Might you provide the packing boxes and other materials? Is there an extra charge for these items?

I have many more questions, and there are many plans to be made. So will you also include a contact information as well? Thank you so much.

Name: Juanita Campbell

Country: New Zealand

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