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Are there any moving companies to Christchurch who can help me with my upcoming move? I currently reside at Melbourne, Australia, and I plan to relocate within the coming month. When can your company begin working on this move? And when would you expect to have this move completed?

I have the furnishings that complete a three bedroom house. Each bedroom has its own bedroom suite. There will also be many boxes to fill from these bedrooms as well. Does your company provide the packaging and boxes? Or must I obtain them from some other source? Please also tell me how much you will charge for these packing supples as well. That is, if you provide them of course. When your company sends the information to my email address, will you please include an estimate as to how much you will charge to complete this move?

If possible, I would also like to know if your company will complete this move from beginning to end. Or if you will pass this move onto a different company once my belongings arrive to New Zealand. Thank you for providing this information.

Name: Jerry Klein

Country: New Zealand

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