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I am in preparations to relocate my company from Bremen, Oman, to Dubai. This move will occur within the next one to two months. I have posted to your forum to request information from any of the moving companies to Dubai who have the resources and the experience to complete this move satisfactorily.

My current property includes space for 6 internal offices and one very large work area. Each of the internal offices have typical office furnishings that include desks, tables, chairs, filing cabinets, computers, and so forth. The large work area contains many computer work stations, filing cabinets, chairs, and office equipment. There are also many wall adornments and interior decorating type of objects in the front entrance passage as well. Does your company provide packing services? Do you also provide such items as boxes, padding, and any packing materials that may be necessary to package our furnishings, equipment, and other office property so they will not be damaged during this move?

Please include with your informational packet your cost of doing business with your company, when you will be available to begin this move, and also when you expect to complete it. Thank you for sending this information.

Name: Abbud Kanaan

Company: Kanaan Enterprises

Country: United Arab Emirates

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