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Hello. I am planning to move from my home of the past several years that is located here in Derby, United Kingdom (UK). Since this will be a longer move for me than I have ever before made, I am here to ask for information from any of the moving companies to Cardiff, who can assist me with this move.

My current home is a two bedroom apartment that is located on the second floor of a townhouse here in Derby. I tell you there are two floors, so you will have a better understanding of the job and you may provide a more accurate quotation with your information package. Oh, and please send that package to the contact information I have included with this forum. That way I will receive it promptly.

Within this information, please include if you will provide the packing materials such as boxes, padding, and such. Please also tell me how much you will charge for those packing materials. Will you also include a direct contact person so that I may discuss the details of this move. Thank you for sending this information.

Name: Henry Cardine

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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