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Express Parcel delivery to Indonesia

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I am seeking the services who can provide express parcel delivery to Indonesia and can deliver this parcel by the end of next week. Can you also provide assurances this parcel will arrive on time and undamaged? Can you also provide any tracking information during the course of this shipment?

How much will your charge for an 8 pound package that is 3 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft in dimensions? Do you charge by weight or by distance? Or do you use some other method to determine your charges? If your company provides other services, please include them in your email as I will be preparing other parcels in the future and this would help me in how best to plan for them. The contents are not fragile. Yet, I would like for the package to be handled with care nonetheless.

Please send me your information to my included email address. I am shipping this parcel from Oslo, Norway. Thanks for your efforts in preparing your information and in completing this shipment on time.

Country: Indonesia

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