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I plan to move form my current home here in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom (UK) next month, and I need information from moving companies to London sent to my email address. This is both a personal as well as a business move. Although I have a new job awaiting me in London, I must make all the moving arrangements and payments. In short, my new employer will not be providing any moving assistance for this move.

My present home is a one bedroom cottage that lies on the outskirts of town. I do like where I live now, but the new job opportunity was something that I just could not pass by. Could you provide me with an estimate of how much you typically charge for a move of this sort? Do you include moving boxes and other packing materials in the cost of the move? Or do you charge something extra? How soon can you begin this move, and when will you complete it? I hope to have this move complete by the end of the month. Is it possible for you to work within this schedule? Thank you for sending my your company's moving information.

Name: Charles Darby

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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