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Next month I am making my plans to move from my current home here in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom (UK). My move will be completed by one of the professional moving companies to Manchester. If possible, I would like to begin working with your moving company as soon as possible, as there are many plans to make and schedules to arrange.

The house I will be vacating is a two story building that has 3 bedrooms all on the upper floor. The staircase is nice and wide which did not cause the movers who moved me into the house any difficulties. Most of my furnishings are fairly typical of most any home of this kind. I have several chairs, tables, lamps, and such. I also have an entertainment center that will require some effort to disassemble prior to moving. There are also many items that I must pack before you arrive on moving day, so if you can provide a decent number of boxes, I will appreciate it. Thank you for sending this information to my included email address.

Name: Sherman Taylor

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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