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I seek the services of a qualified moving companies to Atlanta - Georgia, in the United States. My move will hopefully be completed by the middle of next month. Is this schedule possible for your company to work with? When can you begin working with me on this move? I figure the sooner we begin, the sooner we can complete this move.

My current home is located in Seattle, Washington, so this is quite the distance to move. I will be starting a new job, once I am settled into my new home, so I am anxious to move into my new home as soon as possible.

The home I am moving from is a two bedroom apartment. It is on the third floor of an apartment building within the city limits of Seattle. Will you be able to provide me with a quote for the moving charges? It is okay if it is only an estimate as I understand you will need to survey my possessions to see how much work is involved. But I will appreciate it if you will contact me as soon as possible with your company' moving information. Thank you.

Name: Red Findlay

Country: United States

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