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If anyone here can assist me with obtaining information about moving companies to Boston - Massachusetts, in the United States, I ask you to please send your company's moving information to me as soon as possible. I am planning to move next month and I need to retain the services of a professional moving company who can complete this move.

This move is not a move that will take me across town. It will take me from Los Angeles, California, cross-country to Boston. So this is more than a 3,000 mile journey. How much do you estimate it will cost me to move this far? When can you begin working on this move, and how long will it take you to complete the move? Do you supply the packing supplies? Do you charge extra for those supplies? Do you pack everything? Or shall I?

I apologize for asking so many questions in such a small space. But I really want to gather as much information about this move as possible. Thank you for understanding, and for sending me this information.

Name: Christian Simmons

Country: United States

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