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I have many questions that I must make questions. So I will include some of those questions here. I will hope that by studying your company's moving information that will provide many more answers. You can send that information material to my email address. I have included it here just for that purpose.

I have a very long move before me. I am moving from Terni, Italy, next month and I need information from moving companies to Chicago - Illinois, in the United States. This is an opportunity for a new job, but the primary reason is that my wife's family is from that area. We will move all of our possessions from this 3 bedroom house. It is a two story dwelling that is very old. By old, this also means that the staircase is very narrow. This caused the other movers some difficulty. I tell you so you will be prepared. Please inform me if you provide the boxes, packing materials, padding, and any other moving supply that we will need for this move. Please also provide an estimate of how much you will charge. Thank you for providing me with this information.

Name: Palmiro Acocella

Country: United States

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