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Are there any moving companies to Detroit - Michigan who can respond to my inquiry about my upcoming move to the city? Next month, I plan to relocate my family to Detroit from our current home at Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is a job related move, as I have recently been offered a position that is too good to allow to pass by. Perhaps the one drawback is that I must complete the moving arrangements on my own. Therefore, I seek the working relationship with a professional moving company to complete this move.

Our current home is a two bedroom apartment that is on the second floor. I hope this does not cause you any problems with additional work. We do have two full bedroom suites to move, and we also have a large sectional sofa. I can obtain some boxes to use for packing from my current employer, but I am not sure if that will be sufficient. Do you have more boxes if I need them?

Please send your company's information to my included email address and also include a estimate of how much you will charge to complete this move.

Name: Roberto Menendez

Country: United States

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