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This seems like the right place for me to ask a few questions about moving companies to Seattle - Washington, in the United States. Within the coming month, I plan to move from my present home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Seattle. My move is not job related. Rather, I will be attending the university and I want to take as many of my belongings as I can since I will have my own apartment. This should be great. However, I do need information on how it will be best for me to do this.

I currently live in a one bedroom apartment, which is what I will be moving into once I am in Seattle. Will you combine my belongings in with others who are moving who have small furnishings to move? Or will you use a smaller vehicle to move my stuff? Where can I obtain the boxes and other packing supplies? Do you provide them? Do I get them from some other company?

I realize I have asked a few questions, so I will ask you to please send this and the rest of the information about this move to my email address. Thanks

Name: Brett Lucas

Country: United States

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