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Hello to everyone reading this forum post. I am moving again and I hope this will be my last move for a long time. This move will begin at my current home here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I would like to ask a few of the moving companies to Fort Lauderdale - Florida if you will send me your company's information and tell me how you will complete this move both efficiently and economically.

Since this move is permanent, I am taking everything that I own with me. This includes all of my furnishings and other possessions that currently occupy my two bedroom house that I have lived in for many years. Due to my longevity here, I have many items that I must pack. Therefore, I must ask if your company provides the boxes and packing materials that I will need to pack everything. Do you also provide enough padding so that my furniture will not be damaged during the move?

These are not all of my questions, but I will limit them here due to space. So please send me as much information to my email address and I will reply to you shortly. Thanks.

Name: Ruth Baker

Country: United States

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