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Within the coming month, I am planning to move from my current home at Charleston, South Carolina. This move will take me from one side of the United States to the other, so I need information from moving companies to Los Angeles - California.

My current home is a 5 bedroom, three story house. There is also a two car garage that includes a workshop. As you can possibly ascertain, I will need a lot of moving boxes, packing supplies, and furniture padding to complete this move. Does your company include these items in your standard pricing? Do you also offer a packing service where you will have your employees assist with the packing? Please include how much that will cost as well.

If you would contact me with your company's information, please include when your company will be in a position to schedule this move. Please also include how long it will take you to move my possessions across the country. I would also like to review your policy on how damages are taken care of as well. Thank you for sending me this information.

Name: Julian Baxter

Country: United States

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