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Hello to everyone. I have discovered your forum and I am hopeful there are moving companies to Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania who can assist me in completing my upcoming move. I currently reside in Oakland, California, which is also the area where I attended the university. After I graduated, I decided to stay for a while and see how I liked it. Well, it is time for me to return to my home at Pittsburgh.

I am moving out of a two bedroom apartment that is located on the third floor of an apartment building. The elevator does work, so that should make moving out of the building a little easier. I do have a large entertainment center that will require some care during the disassembly process. I also have a large fish aquarium that I must have moved as well. How long will you take to complete this move across the country? Will you be ready to begin this move within the next couple of weeks? Please include your company's contact information when you email me your information as I am certain we will need further contact to properly plan this move. Thank you for sending your information to me.

Name: Jacob Maxwell

Country: United States

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