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Hello and thank you for reading my request for information. I am here to ask about information from moving companies to St. Louis - Missouri, here in the United States. In order for you to provide a more accurate quote, I will add that I will be moving from Boston, Massachusetts.

Since I am here to ask you for information about this move, I will post a few of my questions here in anticipation that you will respond in kind. Do you have a standard rate to move across country? Or do you have an itemized system of charges that you apply? What is your availability to begin work on this move, and when do you expect you will have it completed? Do you include the packing supplies within your standard pricing? How much are the additional costs for these items if they are not included? Do you mind sending me your information through the messaging system on this forum?

Please forgive my many questions. There are many things for me to prepare for this move and I want to know as much about what I can expect as possible. Thank you for making this information available to me.

Name: Brenda Haynes

Country: United States

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