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Moving companies to Washington - Virginia

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Are there any moving companies to Washington - Virginia represented at this forum? If there are, will you please send information to my email address that will provide me with some answers to my questions about this move? I plan to relocate from Seattle, Washington, sometime in the next month and I want to collect as much information as I can.

I have so many questions, that I am not certain where I should begin. Perhaps from the beginning is better. I currently reside in a two bedroom apartment that also has a dining room. If it will assist you in providing a more accurate quote, there is only one of the bedrooms that has bedroom furnishings. The second bedroom is used as a storage area. I should also state that I have a standard sized piano that will need moved as well. Does your company include packing services? Do you also provide the packing supplies? What is the cost of each of these services?

Before asking any further questions, I will await your company's information kit. That should answer most of these questions. Please include your contact information so that we may further discuss this move. Thanks.

Name: Timothy Brown

Country: United States

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