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If you are involved with any of the moving companies to Miami - Florida, I ask for you to please email me your company's information. I am planning to move toward the end of next month and I need to obtain information on how it is best for me to do it. Since I am moving from Mexico City, Mexico, I will ask if there is any advice that your company can provide on how to best prepare for an international move.

Although I do have a new job awaiting me upon my arrival to Miami, I am making all of the plans and payments on my own. And since I have never moved this far before, I must rely upon your company's expertise. Are there any items that I should not attempt to move internationally? Is it possible to make an arrangement for you to provide me with an estimate for my international move? Will all of your charges be included in this estimate?

Please also include if there is someone at your company that I may contact so that we may discuss all of the details?

Name: Abelardo Navarrete

Country: United States

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