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I am planning to make a move next month, and I need information from any of the moving companies to New Orleans - Louisiana, who can complete this move satisfactorily. I currently reside at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, so the move is not exactly a long distance move. Although it is far enough. I am certain that you have a general information package that you send out to people who are asking about your moving services. Please send that package to me and I will look it over before contacting you with more details.

However, I would like to ask a couple of more specific questions just in case you do not cover them in your information. Are all of your charges included in your initial estimates? Or do you have other charges that you will assess at a later point in the move? Can I purchase packing supplies from your company? How much will this cost? Is it possible for me to prepay at least a portion of my moving expenses?

I will look forward to reading your information package that you will send through the message system in this forum. Thank you for making this information available.

Name: Fred Samuels

Country: United States

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