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I am planning to move back to my hometown that I have been away from for far too long. Next month, I want to move away from New York City, so I am here to inquire into moving companies to San Diego - California. I would prefer to begin this move right away, so the sooner you send your company's moving information to me, the sooner we can begin working on this move.

Please include your experience in making cross-country moves. Do you have any references that I may contact? Is your company properly bonded and insured to conduct this kind of business across state lines? I have to move from a two bedroom apartment that is located on the 37th floor of an apartment building. The elevator is in working order, so that will make things a little easier.

Is it possible that you can send me an estimate of your moving charges? Is this the total amount? Or will you add more charges on later? If your company also provides the packing supplies, please let me know. Thanks for the info.

Name: Gail Baxter

Country: United States

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