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I am looking for moving companies to New York - New York who can complete my move from Miami, Florida next month. Since this will require a bit of planning, will you send me your company's moving information to my email address as soon as possible?

My move will be from a two bedroom apartment that is fully furnished. This apartment is also on the third floor. I also have a standard piano that is sitting in my living room. Does your company place an additional charge to move pianos? Since I am pressed for time due to my job, I must ask you if your company provides a packing service? What is the cost of this service? Does your company include packing supplies in this cost? Or is this an extra charge?

Will your company send one of your employees to my apartment to assess the amount of work involved and provide me with a quote of my cost for your company to complete this move? Also, how soon will your company be able to complete this move? Thanks.

Name: Gail Sanchez

Country: United States

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