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My employer has requested that I transfer to an office in a different country. Although I am familiar with the language and the customs of the country that I am relocating, I must make the arrangements with moving companies to Lisbon, Portugal, who will be able to complete my household moving arrangements.

This transfer is for a long-term, so I must pack all of my furnishings and other household items. Does your company include the packing supplies in with the total cost of the move? Or do you charge extra for these supplies? I estimate I will need a minimum of 30 boxes of different sizes. When will your company be available to begin working on this move? If at all possible, I must be at my new work assignment in Lisbon by the end of next month. Therefore, I must also ask you when you will have this move completed?

Will you send a company representative to my current residence to make an assessment before you can provide a quote? Please include our contact information so that we may schedule an appointment for this.

Name: Barett Schwing

Company: Schwarzer Industries

Country: Portugal

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